If you have been having trouble with one or both of your feet for a while, you might have started to wonder whether you would be a good candidate for surgery. To help you know whether you should schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, you will want to review the following points. The more you relate to the following issues, the more likely it is that you would really gain a lot from having the surgery done.

You Can't Be On Your Feet For Long

Not being able to stand on your feet for long is very problematic, especially when it impacts your ability to work or take care of your family. If you have found that the time you are able to stand on your feet without discomfort is lessening as time moves on, you will want to consider talking to your doctor about the possibility of surgery. You would not want to wait so long that you are barely able to stand at all anymore.

You Can't Find Any Shoes That Help

There are now fancy orthopedic shoes designed for people such as yourself. This way, you will have the proper foot support that you need and you will be able to get some relief from the pain and tension. However, if you have found that the shoes that once worked for you are no longer working, you will want to talk with a doctor. You need to wear shoes when you leave the house so it is not good if you find yourself in a position of not being able to wear any pairs comfortably.

You Are Becoming Depressed About The Pain

When your life is suddenly changed for the worst, you may find that depression is something that comes along with the territory. If depression is starting to creep up on you because of the amount of pain you are in and how much your life has been impacted by that pain, you will want to talk with a doctor. In the meantime, before the date of your surgery, you may want to seek additional help for the depression itself. 

Should you find that you are dealing with any of the previously mentioned problems, or anything else that is causing you concern, you will want to talk with your doctor about the possibility of having surgery on your feet. Even if it will take a few months before you can get the approval from your insurance, it is worth moving forward with.