Forget about hiring a new independent medical evaluator every time you need one for a legal client. Once you find one you like, you should keep working with them. Here are just a few good reasons to continue working with the same independent medical evaluator to help your legal clients as time goes on:

Get to Know Their Work Ethic

As an attorney, you know that you must maintain a strong work ethic to establish trust with your clients. If you aren't transparent, fair, unbiased, and professional at all times, your clients will be less likely to trust your ability to effectively represent them. The same goes for any other professionals you work with. If your independent medical evaluator does not have a strong work ethic, it could compromise your business and your clients' cases.

Hiring a new independent medical evaluator every time you need one makes it impossible to understand their work ethic. Working with the same service provider over time will allow you to understand how they work and what their standards are. If you don't like the way your evaluator does business, you can move on until you find one that does meet the standards of your legal business and your clients.

Make Sure Your Needs are Understood

It can be tough to work as a partnership with an independent medical evaluator because you don't know their practices and they don't understand your unique needs. While independent medical evaluations may not reveal exactly what you need the first couple of times, they will allow the evaluator to get to know your clientele base and your specific needs as time goes on.

Whether it's a timeline you want to work within, a specific routine you want to follow during evaluations, or an in-depth report you want to be filled out after each evaluation, you'll have an opportunity to develop an effective working partnership that makes your job easier overall if you continue working with the same independent medical evaluator as time goes on.

Generate Some New Client Leads

Working with the same independent medical evaluator in the coming months and years can provide you with the opportunity to generate some new client leads. When you create trust between one another, your service provider will likely want to recommend clients to you that they come into contact with through other means. Any patient they work with that needs a lawyer could become your client at some point, which just means more money in your pocket when all is said and done.