Independent medical examinations are commonly carried out in personal injury cases, worker's compensation cases, and most types of legal case involving medical injuries. These examinations can offer numerous benefits for attorneys and their clients.

The following are six ways that arranging an independent orthopedic evaluation for your client can be beneficial. 

The findings of an independent medical evaluation can support claims in a client's lawsuit.

The most important benefit an independent orthopedic evaluation can offer is providing support for a client's claims. A personal injury lawsuit or worker's compensation claim needs to be backed up by medical proof, and an independent orthopedic evaluation can offer this proof. 

Independent medical evaluation can be more impartial.

The defendant in a lawsuit may require a client to undergo a medical evaluation as part of a lawsuit or worker's compensation case. However, the defendant's medical specialist often works for the defendant's insurance company and shows some level of bias in the evaluation's findings as a result. 

An independent orthopedic evaluation can be more impartial and thereby provide the medical support needed for the client's case. 

An independent medical evaluation can give a patient more peace of mind.

Going through a personal injury or worker's compensation case can be stressful. Clients are often stressed out due to the uncertainty of what the outcome of a case will be.

Undergoing an independent orthopedic evaluation can create a stronger case for a client and therefore reduce some of the uncertainty. This could give the client more peace of mind. 

Attorneys can find orthopedic doctors with better credentials for independent medical evaluations.

The better the credentials of an orthopedic doctor, the more weight his or her independent orthopedic evaluations will have in court.

If an orthopedic doctor has excellent credentials and fully supports a client's stance in a lawsuit or worker's compensation case, this could outweigh medical proof brought by the defense. This will increase the client's chances of winning the case. 

Clients may feel more comfortable with an independent medical evaluation.

Clients can sometimes be given choices in independent orthopedic evaluations, such as which medical professional to go to for the evaluation.

Because the client has more choices, he or she often feels more comfortable with the independent evaluation than with a medical evaluation carried out by an insurance company. 

An independent medical evaluation can help a patient to heal.

Undergoing an independent orthopedic evaluation could make a client aware of needed healthcare or treatments that the client hasn't yet been given. This can help the client to heal from injuries more fully and quickly.