Ankle injuries are some of the most devastating for athletes because they make it hard for them to compete properly and effectively. Sometimes, ankle problems can be minor and worsen or stay persistently frustrating and make an athlete struggle. Thankfully, orthotics can help athletes with some ankle problems feel more stable and compete at a higher level than normal.

How Orthotics Help Athletes With Ankle Problems

Orthotic devices and treatments can help athletes with ankle problems avoid serious long-term complications and get back into competition. When used properly, these devices can not only help an athlete recover but can help them compete at a higher level. Just a few ways that orthotics can help athletes with a suspected or confirmed ankle problem include how they:

  • Stabilize an Injury: After a serious ankle injury, it is important to stabilize the area using various orthotic devices. These include braces that keep things like sprains or fractures from worsening and help athletes stay stronger on their feet as they recover.
  • Minimize Worse Problems: A minor ankle problem may become a more serious one without orthotic care. For example, a minor toe sprain may worsen into multiple strains or even serious tendon displacement if orthotic professionals don't balance and protect the ankle properly.
  • Improve an Athlete's Strength: Many orthotic devices help to improve an athlete's strength by supporting their ankle during its recovery. For example, a brace can help keep the ankle straight and improve the athlete's ability to practice. The extra support may help give the ankle a bit more musculature.
  • Enhance Their Stride: Stronger overall ankles may help athletes improve their stride and running speed. For example, orthotics may help increase an athlete's flexibility after an ankle injury to ensure that they can react more quickly in competitions, change direction, and avoid further injury.

Improving an athlete's ankle strength in this way is critical for their overall performance. Thankfully, orthotic devices come in many types and can support ankles, increase their strength, improve flexibility, and more. Skilled orthotic doctors can help athletes find the best option for their needs to ensure that they stay competitive.

Working With Orthotic Professionals

Athletes who believe they're struggling with an ankle problem may find orthotics a beneficial option for their needs. These professionals can help find things like braces, shoe inserts, and more that help to stabilize their walk and minimize serious problems. Orthotics may help a struggling amateur athlete rebound from a serious ankle injury and improve their game to compete at a higher level.